Pet Wc XL Bedpan Anti Splash Mačke Stelja Škatla, Mačka, Pes Pladenj z Zajemalka Mucek Pes Čisto Toilette Doma Plastike, Peska Polje Supplie

€17.67 €32.13 Brezplačno Vrne

Ime izdelka: Super veliki napol zaprtih stelja škatla (vključno z lopato)

Barva: roza, modra, zelena, vijolična, rdeča, siva

Material: PP

Specifikacija: L(49x34x23cm)

XL (dolžina 56 cm širina: 38 cm višina 26 cm)

  • Opis
  • Mnenja in ocene
  • Vrsta: mačke
  • Poreklo: CN(Izvora)
  • toilet bowl: litiere pour klepet
  • Material: Plastični
  • mačka dodatki wc: mačka polje wc
  • samodejno leglo: caja par gatos
  • tappeto lettiera gatto: pet neznatan usposabljanje
  • katzen toilette: wc gato
  • inodoro par gatos: Mačka legla polje
  • Funkcija: Semi-zaprto
  • areneros par gatos: arenera par gatos
  • caixa de areia par gato: mačka toaletni komplet usposabljanje
  • toilette: areneros par gato
  • bano gato: mačka legla pladenj
  • kedi tuvaleti: wc lettiera gatti
  • gato arena: gatos caja

To the product is a double feeling. On the one hand, thanks to him, because of the high sides, my cat stopped producing a jet outside the pot. And he became "big" to go to the pot, not next to him. On the other hand, washing the pot for me is a narrow problem, as my cat goes to the toilet without filler. The side of the pot is perfectly fixed with snaps, which, if necessary, is not so easy to unzip, and if you do not remove them, the contents of the pot are are The seller was honored to communicate. Responsive and going to meet if there are problems.

  • 5 / 5

Great seller. Because of my mistake, the seller couldn't send me the goods. I entered my position, was constantly in touch, answered all questions. I waited for the opening of the dispute and the return of money. Thank you very much for your sensitivity and understanding. I wish prosperity to your store and countless grateful customers.

  • 5 / 5
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